Silverfish 2017, exhibited at Kick Out The Jams and 14 Benches.  Things that make you go ‘Eew’.   My archivist uncle was physically repelled by this piece, and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better reaction.   My studio is full of them. I find them incredibly beautiful.  Next, I want to make an earwig.
 Mis(s)Utility, 2015-18. Exhibited as part of Hothouse 2015, and 14 Benches 2018.   Mis(s)Utility explores a misalignment of decorative and functional aesthetics (an antithesis of ‘good design’): the satisfaction of a good tool is undermined by the purely decorative ’nail caps’ that render the hand useless. The decorative perfection of the ’nails’ is in turn impeded by the brutal forms of ‘functionality’ and the raw finish. The result is akin to a Frankenstein’s monster, discomforting in its tension between beauty and horror.
  Octopus  (2017) Cuff, Argentium Silver, exhibited in  NC4 - Kick out the Jams  at JamFactory, (Adelaide) 
Anna Gray, Tangrams, 2015, Swan.jpg
  Tangrams  (2015) Fine silver, sterling silver, 18ct and fine yellow gold, Exhibited in  Attitude as Form  at Gaffa Gallery (Sydney NSW and travelled to other galleries to 2017)  " I sit at my bench, making puzzles of gold, for another woman to solve. I have an image in my mind of a grand old dame, a crisp 1940s silhouette. She sits and she stares, at her face in the mirror, oozing movie-star glamour. Taking her time to make up her face, and, then, for her final adornment... She takes out the jewellery I made, the pieces scattered, across the dressing table. She can create what she likes, choosing how best to fasten the fragments together. She looks at them, as I do, wondering what to make: earrings, or a necklace or a brooch. She is conscious of her decorative choices and both our hands create. She searches for the shape that most appeals. Finally, hitting on a form that can express her elegant attitude. A Tangram, I could explain, is a childhood toy, a Chinese game imported to Australia. A dissection task of seven flat shapes, with which to make an outline. I play with this jewellery, as I played as a child, with half an eye on an elegant woman, going through elaborate night-time rituals I fail to comprehend. Nana with her cluttered dresser, with its thousand bottles of perfume, Mum and her make-up, always applied standing up. Now, I think of a woman today, and how she might construct herself, her hand sifting through her jewellery box. I hope she enjoys the things I made. I wish I could see how she expresses herself, making her own, individual arrangement."     (Text for Tangrams by Emily Hill - writer and collagist extraordinaire - author of Bad Romance 2018)
  Fish ( 2013) Brooch, fine and sterling silver, citrine. Exhibited in  Graduate Metal  2015 (Sydney),  33 Carat  2013 (Melbourne).
  Galaxy One  (2013) Fine silver, sterling silver. Exhibited in  33 Carat  2013 (Melbourne)
  Corrugation  earrings (2013) Brass, sterling silver. Exhibited in 33 Carat 2013 (Melbourne)
  Corrugation  earrings and ring (2013) Brass, sterling silver, mild steel. Exhibited in 33 Carat 2013 (Melbourne)
  Demon  cuff (2013) Brass. Exhibited in 33 Carat 2013 (Melbourne)
 Untitled (2013) Fine silver, sterling silver, glass enamel.
Silverfish install.jpg
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